Having just completed my postgraduate program in Integrated Marketing Communications, I am taking a brief but desperately needed vacation. This will be a staycation because I’m not going anywhere, but importantly, I will be unplugging. No email, no Twitter, no BBM, no reading online, no blogging! Thankfully, this leaves me with a great number of things to do:

  • Go on long walks in the sunshine. Breathe.
  • Go on long bike rides in the sunshine. Breathe.
  • Practice yoga and meditate. Breathe.
  • Work my way through a mountain of books.
  • Sit on my deck. Do absolutely nothing.
  • Clean up the flower beds. Double-dig new veggie beds.
  • Brainstorm projects to take on when I’m back. Dream big.

I’m very excited to take this break and I encourage everyone to incorporate some personal vacation time into their year. Something magical happens when you stop being busy. Your shoulders drop away from your ears and your breath moves from your chest to your belly. Your sympathetic nervous system takes over. Your headaches ease, your digestion improves, and you sleep well. It is so rewarding.

I will leave you with the picture I took of the fun certificate I was awarded at the year-end gala our IMC class organized:

Litterless Lunch Award

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