Turning Anger Into Awareness

Let this be an inspiration to all those who fight the good fight: seemingly insurmountable obstacles can be overcome, one step at a time. Earlier this month, German non-profit ZDK turned an extremist group’s demonstration into a fundraiser for a program that helps members of that very same group start over with a new life, leaving the extremist world behind.

How did ZDK do it? They thought outside the box! Rather than preventing the group from marching, calling the police, or forcing a potentially violent confrontation, they subtly encouraged them to walk. Unbeknownst to the extremists, money had been pledged in support of the program, based on the distance covered en route.

What I find most fascinating is that the confusion of the marchers did not cause them to stop and ask questions. Perhaps their pride got the better of them. Maybe that’s what ZDK was banking on? Either way, this is a remarkable example of clever and creative strategy for an awareness and fundraising campaign. You can imagine this generated a lot of publicity.

Watch the video to see how things turned out:

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